Makeup Trial

The makeup trial sessions will give us a chance to get to know each other as we try out different looks for your unforgettable day. I can advise you on colours, looks and styles and offer valuable tips from my experience as a wedding-specialised makeup artist.


I will prepare various looks for you based on your ideas and personal style, and together we can pick the perfect one that will also serve to complement your wedding theme.  It is crucial to me that you have a choice, so I will create two eyeshadow variants for you to select from.


During the makeup trial, I will also be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding the planning of your wedding. Through my vast network in the Swiss wedding industry, I can provide helpful tips and recommend many service providers such as photographers, florists, caterers and more.




The makeup trial will be done at my studio in District 6, and usually takes place around 1-3 months to 1 week before the wedding – although of course you can also book the trial 6 months or longer in advance. Many of my clients opt for this, as it clears one task from your to-do list and allows you to take a breath before tackling the rest. But of course, it is up to you and I would like you to do what suits you best!


In order for me to prepare your trial looks and create a concept, I will require some information and documents from you; which I would appreciate receiving a few weeks before your scheduled appointment:


·        A photo of you

·        A photo of the wedding dress

·        Wedding theme and colours

·        A photo of the wedding jewellery and hair accessories

·        Sample photos or approximate descriptions of the colours and flowers to be used in the wedding bouquets

·        Sample photos or description of your makeup and hairstyle

·        Your preferred time for makeup styling on your wedding day

·        Any specific information I need to be aware of



A partial payment will be due on this day.


Important: in order for me to work in the most optimal conditions and to style your hair to your liking, it is essential that you wash your hair the night before. If your hair is smooth or difficult to style, please refrain from using any conditioner or masking products.



Useful Information

·        You are welcome to bring your jewellery and veil for rehearsal

·        Of course, you are welcome to bring your mother, maid of honour or sister to the trial, but please do not forget that this day is about you and not so much about the opinion of others. The trial styling session is often delayed when too many people are present.

·        I would like to receive the payment either in cash on the wedding day or via bank transfer a few days before the wedding; as unfortunately I have been in the position of having to wait several months for payment and would like to avoid this from happening again


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